RADical Updates Part 2

October 1, 2010 at 11:39 am 2 comments

Hilarity ensues.  DH asks the Czar where this stuff came from, and of course the Czar refuses to tell him.  Hubby’s plan was to get the Czar to tell him where he’d stolen the things from and take him around to those places to return them.  The child, of course, refused.  Then he went down the hall to his room, walked back out and handed his dad an unknown amount of foreign currency (mostly South American) that he’d taken from “an old, broken down house”.  And if DH was “a dad, he wouldn’t be doing this but he’s just an asshole.”  It was GRAND, I tell you.  Just GRAND!

The Czar takes off, telling his dad he’s headed for the police station so DH calls and tells the police that The Czar is on his way.  The Czar calls these same police and tells them that his dad hit him.  I wish.  So where it stands right now is that the stolen property has been turned over to the local police and a report has been filed.  Supposedly the Czar won’t have a third chance at diversion so hopefully he can get a taste of Juvie jail before he’s sixteen and gets big boy jail.

Strange, isn’t it?  What parents of RADKids have to hope for.


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Updates on my RADical life Fun Times!

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