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I only blog here when I need to. It’s a conversation to whomever might be listening because I feel like I am being ignored elsewhere.

Life kind of blows at the moment. But it is also good. So good. I am nearly crippled by depression and anxiety most days. In the middle of a EEO complaint that cost me my job. A job I do and don’t want back. I do if the boss is gone. I don’t if I’m setting myself up for the same old shit.  But then there’s the mourning of my lost income.  The frustration about the fact that I was not just terminated for being unfit for a position I was good at, the offender also destroyed my professional reputation on some very high levels. In a nutshell, career, corrupt bureaucrats are winning and the injustice angers me so much that I have constant chest pain.

But on the flip side, I have an amazing, amazing isn’t strong enough of a word… My husband is the greatest person in this entire world. He loves me without hesitation or limits. Is my rock, my sail and my best friend.

So I am figuring out what’s next. School starts October 1 and I will create my path from there. I am, however, open to suggestions.


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I guess it comes in all shapes and sizes…. Well Hello

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